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CONTACT: Ruth Miller
New York, January 19, 2000

Engineering Information Foundation Connects to the Power of the Internet

The Engineering Information Foundation (EiF), a private foundation whose mission is to improve worldwide engineering education and practice through information technology and the recruitment of women, enters cyberspace with the launch of its new Web site. The site showcases EiF's programmatic initiatives, provides information about applying for a grant, and describes grants awarded and projects now underway. The new site will invite grantees to participate in listservs created specifically to facilitate information exchange and resource sharing among grantees in each of the EiF funding areas.

Those who visit EiF's Web site will find detailed information about the three areas funded by EiF:
  • Availability and Use of Information
  • Women in Engineering - Projects Directed by Engineering Educators
  • Information Access in Developing Countries
The site also provides a brief description of EiF's history and directors, officers, and staff. The "Grant Programs" section is comprehensive and includes details on what EiF funds and what EiF does not fund as well as thorough information on how to apply. Current grantees are supported with details on requirements for fulfilling their obligations to EIF.

Available for the first time on the web site is a comprehensive list of all grants funded from 1997 to date, with contact information when available. The listservs, planned for a second quarter 2000 launch, will facilitate the sharing of information and experiences among each group of grantees. Ideally, this easy method of communication provided to grantees worldwide will create intellectual synergy among grantees and further enhance funded fields of interest.

Visit the EiF Web site at http://www.eifgrants.org.
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180 West 80th Street, Suite 207, New York, NY 10024

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