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Grants: 2004

Enhancing Communication and Use of Information in Engineering

Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA
Contact: Birgit S. Burton, 404-385-0746,
Assess the oral presentation curriculum in the Technical Communications Program to better prepare students for workplace communications

University of Maine, Orono, ME
Contact: Dr. Mohamad Musavi, 207-581-2243,
http://www.eece.maine.edu/~pnataraj/eifnew; see flyer of project at: http://www.eece.maine.edu/~pnataraj/flyer.pdf
Develop and evaluate an introductory engineering information literacy course for undergraduates

Women in Engineering

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA
Contact: Hasmik Gharibyan, 805-756-7068,
Investigate why women avoid Computer Science in America compared to the former Soviet Union
Gender Gap in Computer Science Does Not Exist in One Former Soviet Republic: Results of a Study (.pdf)

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Contact: StanleyD. Mckenzie, Ph.D., 585-475-2392,
Redesign of a workshop for incoming freshman women that highlights all engineering disciplines by having them build their own personal computer
WE@RIT website

Santa Clara Unified School District, Santa Clara, CA
Contact: Jocelyn Lee, 408-423-2109,
Expand the GAINS: Girls Achieving in Non-traditional Subjects program to additional schools and create a disseminate program

Information Access in Developing Countries

Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Republic of Mozambique
Contact: Boaventura Chongo Cuamba, +258-1-493377,
Encourage science and engineering education for rural girls by exposing them to training in renewable energy technology

Multinational Fund for Development Aid (MUDA),
Nairobi, Kenya
Contact: Albert Kenyani Inima,
Improve computer capacity, internet connectivity and engineering library content at the University of Nairobi

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
Contact: Prof. Madara Ogot, 814-863-1550,
Linking of the University of Nairobi to a consortium of remote-operated mechanical engineering laboratories via the internet

Universal Library of Sverdlovsk, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Contact: Nadezda Tscypina, +7-343-3715352,
Provide training and support for searching and usage of different information technologies


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