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Grants: 2012

Enhancing Communication and Use of Information in Engineering

Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA
Contact: B. Smith Burton, 404-385-0746,
Broadening usability of a suite of tools that evaluate professional presentations by engineering students across varying engineering fields
Insights into the Process of Building a Presentation Scoring System for Engineers;
Session information

University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN
Contact: Susan Spray, 651-962-6984, srspray@stthomas.edu
Design and evaluation of a web-based interactive tool for improving the communication skills of engineers

Women in Engineering

California State Univ., Fullerton, Fullerton, CA
Contact: Jerry Yu, 657-278-7677
Implementing a "Women in Engineering Learning Community Program" to improve retention rates
Women engineers receive Raytheon sponsorship

Campus Middle School for Girls, Urbana, IL
Contact: Susan Linnemeyer, 217-359-9094,
GLEE: Girls Learning and Exploring Engineering program expansion to middle school

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Contact: Kathy Rogers, kvr28@cornell.edu
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Women's Group (CBEGWG) mentoring outreach project for rural girls
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Women's Goup Cornell University

EduTech, Jamaica Plain, MA
Contact: Maru Colbert, 617-942-1054, edutech4snps@gmail.com
Expansion of "Math is for Girls" program to increase the number of girls and add sustainability

Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
Contact: Abigail Richards, 406-994-5926,
Community building intervention to increase retention of freshman college undergraduate females in engineering

The Works (Museum), Bloomington, MN
Contact: Heather Lund, 952-848-4858, heather@theworks.org,
Expansion of "Girls Discover/Create" program of summer tech camps, workshops and seminars to serve additional girls and parents

Wayne County Community College District, Detroit, MI
Contact: Jeromy Mason, 404-441-8041, jeromymason@hotmail.com; Brian Singleton, 313-496-2778, Bsingle1@wcccd.edu
Program to inspire and motivate female students to continue in engineering past community college and complete a BS engineering degree
Chancellor's Weekend Memo (p. 3)

Information Access in Developing Countries

RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Contact: Margaret Jollands, Margaret.jollands@rmit.edu.au
A study of gender-based discipline choices in science and engineering
see page 88 of AAEE2013 Abstract Handbook: Girls in STEM: why do they choose their discipline?

Universidad Don Bosco, San Salvador, El Salvador
Contact: Elizabeth Lunik, 503-2251-8238, elizabeth.lunik@udb.edu.sv
Program to support current female students with professional development opportunities, and to recruit female students from low-income high schools in El Salvador
Programa de Mujeres en Ciencia e Ingeniería


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